SADD is an activity for grades 9-12. Our main focus is for students to learn good refusal skills and to have a safe and healthy lifestyle. Some of our main focuses are Homecoming, Prom, Snow Week. We will have one fund raiser and several activities throughout the year. Including STARS which helps to teach fourth graders good refusal skills. We also do the Sober Bowl, Mock Crash, Seat belt safety, and Lunch activities.
October 26th will be our red ribbon week. Students will be involved in a number of activities to help promote a safe and healthy life style.

Meetings- We meet every other Monday at 7:30 a.m. in room 601

2016-17 Officers:

Co-Presidents- Lara Boyum and Cassidy Dahanaike

Painting the Buckle up signs after school on parking lots

MOCK CRASH- In HS parking lot April 4th

Preventing Cell Phone use during lunch.  Giving out blue pouches for everyone that pledges.

RED RIBBON WEEK- October 28th- November 1

-SOBERBOWL= SADDMINTON- October 29th, 5:00-9:00 North Gym
Anyone wanting to play in our first annual Badminton Tournament:
$5.00 need teams of two players
Double elimination
Champions receive awards/shirts
Food and beverages will be available
All participants will have the opportunity to win prizes during tournament

- Student will have the opportunity to pledge and wear a red ribbon
- Lunch activities, students will have the opportunity to wear the drunk goggles
- FRIDAY- Wear Red Day.  Receive candy

Watch the video below on Rachal Albrecht, Aaron Richards, and Angela Ostroot at the Capitol.

Next Event:

Homecoming Sept -23-27

Pledging- Not to text and drive (T and TH)
SeatBelt Checks- Wed morning
Lunch activity using the drunk goggles (TH)
Parade- Friday at 4:00

Prom Assembly at 1:45- Wednesday of Prom week (April 10th)

SoberBowl- March 3rd at 1:00- Turf Field

STARS Training- February 1st

Stop underage drinking- January 28th-31st
Activities- Bean bag toss, drunk goggles

Wipe Out Smoking Month and New Years Resolution
December 10th-14th

Activities- Pledging, Plnko, Pin the tale on the Komet

Red Ribbon Week ( October 29th-30th)

Contact: Cori Ronnenberg